Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick trip to Arizona

At the end of last week I took a quick trip to visit my Grandma down in Mesa, AZ. I met Elise and my dad down there and thoroughly enjoyed the time I got to spend with my Grandma along with a few of my cousins and aunts and uncles. The trip was only maybe a 30 hour one... but we packed a lot of socializing in!

Somehow once again I really only managed to snap pictures of my food. After we arrived and chatted with Grandma a bit, we headed off together to a favorite family mexican restaurant that we've been going to since we were super little- Mattas. The cheese crisp is delish and I ate wayyyy too much!

Thursday evening was spent watching hours of Olympics and listening to Grandma's stories. She told us again and again how much she loves us and appreciated us coming to visit her. 

Elise and I spent the night at a local Hilton and I was super stoked when we discovered this M&M machine in the lobby. Yum!

We slept great and went on a nice run in the insane heat on Friday morning. We spent the rest of the day hanging with grandma at the hospital and lounging at her house watching the Olympics and chatting and napping. On Friday evening we got to see a few more cousins and aunts and uncles briefly before I headed home on my late night flight.

I came home to happy kids who had enjoyed lots of fun with their dad while I was gone! They shopped, went out to eat, fed the duckies, went swimming, and even ran some errands for me. I was so grateful to Kevin for taking over so that I could have such a special visit with my grandma.

Now I just need a few days to recover from this weekend! 

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