Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last Hurrah at Gilroy

The end of summer is fast approaching, so we're trying to cram in a few last minute activities before school starts.

Today we hit up Gilroy Gardens with a bunch of friends.

Andrew thought he was too cool for school and didn't want to go on any of the little kid rides... at least until he saw how much fun Catie was having... and then he was all over them.

I loved the look Catie gave me when I told her it was time to get off the fish ride- grrr! We arrived at noon and left close to 5pm... so I think our last hurrah at Gilroy Gardens was a success.

Best move of the day was buying the kids each their own icee...

Every ounce of my body was sweating because it was so hot outside (even my ankles)... so we sat and chatted and drank our icees for awhile and all the grumpiness went away.

At least most of it... 

Somehow Andrew convinced me to let him play one of the silly $1 carnival games before we left. It was either that or the balloon ride that makes me sick...

He made the smart choice and we all went home happy. 

We ended the day with dinner at In N Out in Gilroy (I was so sad we didn't have time or enough energy for outlet shopping)... and then we headed to Mountain View to pick up Kevin so that I could enjoy a lovely drive home relaxing while he got to navigate all of the traffic. 

We made it home right around 7pm... It was a long exhausting day (we left our house at 10:15am)... but the time spent catching up with friends and seeing the kiddos have so much fun made it worth it!

I am not anxious to take Catie on another road trip anytime soon though. She is not a fan of the car!

Only a few more summer bucket list items to check off before school is back in session!

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