Friday, August 10, 2012

Camp, Olympic Fun, and Messiness

Andrew has been feeling extra creative lately, so I just leave out some materials (or he tells me specifically what he wants) and then he will craft for hours. He loves using old boxes and painters tape to make random structures.

His sticker, fire, Halloween, animal masterpiece took over our family room for two days... and today he finally declared it done and moved onto a new picture. Yay!

We have also been doing a lot of Olympic activities because we are obsessed with the Olympics around here. Kevin and I have been up watching events until at least midnight... if not later, every night this week. Our straw javelin throw and straw "high jump" were big hits.

For our "Camp Mom" this week my friend Chrissie hosted a morning filled with Olympic field events. Andrew and friends loved the broom hurdles, tennis ball shot putt, and frisbee discus throw... in addition to several more fun indoor Olympic activities. 

Catie even got in on the action a bit... though she thought it was more fun to make a hat with the discus than throw it.

Andrew also got to go to an adorable camp almost every afternoon this week put on by two girls from our church. Each day had a different theme and he went with loads of friends. His favorite day was the Olympics Day- of course- because he got to another torch! I think we have a torch in every room of our house right now! Camp also had a painting day (see shirt above that he made last year at the same camp), pirate day, and a water day.

Andrew has seriously been in heaven all week with all of the fun activities he's gotten to do! 

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