Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catie's Words & Friday Night Fun

Catie's Words

Catie cracks me up. Gone are my concerns about her language skills. She has been learning tons of new words each day lately and today and yesterday she started putting them together into 2-3-4 word phrases (that kind of run together, but Andrew and I can tell what she is saying, so that is all that is important). Andrew actually usually figures out what she is saying before I do.

She also sits in her bed before and after naptime and chats with her stuffed animals. She can be in there for 30 minutes + and happily talk to them. It sounds like she is re-enacting conversations she has had with Andrew because I hear a lot of "NO" and "nine"when I sneak close to listen. :)

Her favorite things to say right now are...

  • "Nine!" (mine)
  • "I tried it" (I try it)
  • "My turn"
  • "Move please" (if I am sitting in ANY chair that she could remotely want to sit in... she used to just yell MOVE, so we're making progress)
  • "Anen" (amen)
  • Lots of potty words (thank you Andrew)
  • "Tag"- she will hit me and then run in a circle and hit me again and yell it and then run in a circle again... provides lots of entertainment and she gets a lot of energy out. Doesn't bode well at the park when she randomly hits other kids though and they don't understand that she wants to play tag.
  • "What's that?"
  • "Here you go Mama"
  • "Baby spider" and any other word related to bugs, spider, snake, bee, or anything else creepy crawly (she is partially terrified of them and partially in love with them)
  • and many more that I keep forgetting to write down because I think I won't forget them... and then I do.

Friday Night Fun

I may have overdosed on Cadbury chocolate during naptime... so I was feeling like my morning run didn't cut it for our workout. After Catie woke up from her nap we decided to walk to a local park about two miles away and stop for popsicles. Once we started walking I realized that running there would just be much faster, so we did that instead. Two 4 mile runs in one day mean I may have partially made up for all the chocolate I ate...

Once at the park we hunted for lizards and played tag... and then we ran home and got popsicles on the way back. Andrew asked if he could run with me instead of sit in the stroller. I told him that was fine as long as he kept up (which isn't too hard when your mom is 29 weeks pregnant). I loved what he said as we started going, "I love running mom. It gets all my energy out. It is such a good workout. I love having a good workout with you."

Then he wanted to try pushing the double jogger. I told him if he works hard he can be the official pusher next year on our runs ;) He lasted a few blocks (since he'd already been playing tag full speed at the park for 45 minutes). We'll have to keep building his endurance over the next few months. I wish I could bottle up all of his energy (and speed) and drink it.

On our way home we also stopped at our favorite spider bushes to go on a spider hunt. We sure know how to party hard on a Friday night, don't we?

The night ended with dinner, a bath, books about being new brothers/sisters, and an early bedtime! I told Andrew that if he didn't crash immediately into bed after all that running that there was something wrong with him. :) I think he agreed with me because I only had one visit from him before he conked out.

Happy Friday!

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