Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grumpy Pants and Running Laps

Catie's face portrays exactly how we all felt yesterday- GRUMPY! Too many errands, too much to do, and not enough time to play!

Right now Andrew and Catie's favorite thing to do is run. I guess I am setting a good example and making it look cool? ;) They love to run away from me and run basically whenever we are anywhere. Yesterday that meant they ran all over the camera store and JoAnns... which added to my grumpiness. In the late afternoon we finally found the perfect spot for them to get out their energy- the preschool storage unit hallway. 

When we get home from errands Andrew always asks, "Can we run a lap?" and then when I say yes, he says, "C'mon Catie!" and the two of them race around our cul de sac. I seriously love our cul de sac. If we don't have anything going on or need to rush inside, they will run around and around the cul de sac again and again while I sit on the grass and relax. Best activity ever.

Today felt much less crazy than yesterday... maybe because I woke up before everyone and actually showered at some point during the day- unlike yesterday? Cara and I ran 5 miles early this morning and I spent the rest of the day waddling around recovering. We had a bunch of preschool friends and moms over to work on curriculum projects and then I finally sat down to relax and do NOTHING but eat ice cream and watch Netflix shows around 1pm.

I was too tired to even nap. After the kiddos had nap/quiet time, Andrew kept himself occupied with drawing and playdough creating by himself forever... so Catie and I sorted laundry and put it away. My laundry system today was sort, fold, put clothes in drawers, take out clothes Catie put in wrong drawers, re-organize drawers, try and sneak a nap on the floor while Catie played, then move to the next room and repeat... I loved that Catie eventually caught on to my system and would yell, "No Mommy, wake up!"

I love having such a cute and crazy buddy as my helper! She'll totally sit on my lap and say, "my buddy!" and give me hugs. It is adorable... even when it is annoying.

We ate dinner outside tonight and had a blast doing more creating with playdough. Catie finally stopped eating it. Hooray! Andrew was outside creating by himself for a long time and was so proud to show us his volcano creation.

I am going to be so sad when summer is over and it starts to get dark earlier! I love our evenings outdoors.

Only one more day till a long weekend, so we definitely won't be grumpy tomorrow!

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