Friday, August 10, 2012

Downtown Street Festival

I have about twenty things I should be doing tonight, so of course instead I am updating our blog.  :)

Tonight we hit up our town's annual Downtown Street Festival. I am absolutely in love with our town... and the summer street festivals are some of my favorite things ever. One of the talented Young Women in our ward was singing, so we had to try and go and see her perform.

We roamed around, grabbed pizza from the HS football fundraiser, watched some entertainment, ran into a bunch of friends, and tried out a few activities. Andrew's favorite was dunking the mayor in the dunk tank. The assistants tried to help him out by lifting him up higher, but he got so mad! He wanted to do it all himself! They let him get a little closer to the target than most and he managed to hit the target 2/3 times... thus dunking the mayor twice. He was VERY proud of himself.

Now he thinks our next project at home should be creating our own dunk tank. :)

Kevin grabbed a cupcake and I grabbed some insanely delicious dark chocolate sea salt caramels from the local chocolate shop. I think we would both agree that my choice was hands down the most delicious one. Kevin was practically scouring my caramel bag for any last remains.

They had a free bounce house and somehow we managed to arrive at the perfect time so that Andrew and Catie got to be the only bouncers. Maybe because it was almost 8:30pm and all other good parents already had their kids at home in bed? The kiddos were in heaven!

Our last event of the evening was the train. I think it is a rip off every year ($3/kid or adult... even babies)... so this year I was so happy that the kids could ride without us. I was hesitant to let Catie go by herself, but Kevin assured me she'd be fine and she totally was. It was ADORABLE to watch Catie and Andrew chatting and waving while they rode around. Catie kept making the choo choo sign with her arms and the conductor pulled the horn thing many many times which kept her so excited!

She and Andrew just waved and waved at us while they rode for a good almost five minutes.

We got home a little before nine and we were all completely wiped out! I was so glad we decided to go... despite already being exhausted before we left!

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Ashley said...

You really do seem to have such a great community and town. I envy that you are settled in a great place for at least a while! I might need to pick your brain next time I see you.