Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I spent a few hours over at Andrew's preschool today working on Curriculum stuff and running errands. I am the Curriculum chair on the parent board this year. Andrew and Catie hung out with a new babysitter while I was gone. She is awesome and Catie was practically pushing me out the door (not crying hysterically- like usual) when I left. Yay!

My little Andrew "monster" chose not to cooperate with some of the things the babysitter asked him to do (cleaning up? why would I do that?)... and instead decided to pout. Until he wised up and told her that he was going to go pout in his room... with the door closed. A normal person would think, "oh, how cute, he put himself in time out." Someone who knows Andrew really well would know that the iPad somehow made it into the room with him... so instead of reflecting on his bad behavior, he was happily watching Avengers on his bed.

Made me laugh.

This crazy kids cracks me up.

The monster mask featured above was from a birthday party he went to on Saturday for his friend Simon. The soccer cones are his favorite accessory.... Today they only got worn in the car though. When we got to the park he said, "I probably should leave all of this in the car so that kids at the park don't think I am weird."

Really? Why would anyone think that? ;) Love this boy!

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