Monday, August 27, 2012


These two seem to have limitless energy. It makes me tired just watching them. 

In the mornings a few times a week I've been running 4-5 miles with my friend Cara. We run before the kids wake up. I love it and am so pumped to be so productive when I get home... but by 3pm on those days I am wiped out. 

I hate napping with the kids because 1) I always seem to fall asleep right when they wake up and it is sleep torture, 2) I feel so unproductive when I do actually nap...

So today when they woke up they played nicely in Andrew's room and I closed my eyes and tried to sleep on the floor. I was tempted to let this stealth iPad watching go on for awhile... Andrew claimed "Catie said she wanted to watch Avengers!" when I caught them :) Yeah right!

After unsuccessfully not napping (because Catie jumps on me anytime I lie down), I finally convinced my kids that we should leave the house. Lately they throw tantrums when we have to go anywhere because they like playing with their toys and each other so much (fighting with each other is super fun to them too). They also like dumping out every toy that we own all over Andrew's room :)

I bribed them with cookies and off we went to Blackhawk to feed the ducks, eat Draegers sugar cookies (yum!), and pass time until Kevin got home. I am not winning any mother of the year contest anytime soon... since it was 5pm and we were eating cookies before dinner.

My little cookie monster

Chasing ducks

Quacking like a duck

We made it home just in time to hang out with our fabulous neighbors for a few minutes before Kevin pulled in and helped me get the kids fed and to bed after our short little Family Home Evening.

Crossing my fingers I can sleep in a bit tomorrow! I may actually go to bed before 1am for once.

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Ashley said...

1. Running 5 miles at this point in your pregnancy.

2. Getting out of the house.

3. FHE.

You are, indeed, mother of the year!