Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some Pregnancy Thoughts...

Baby Jack (as Andrew has been calling our kiddo) has been super active lately. Maybe he's trying to live up to his namesake- Andrew's hero- Jack Jack from The Incredibles.

It might also be due to all of the attention his sister has been giving him. When I change Catie's diaper she likes to kick me and then smile and say, "baby?" ... this does not bode well for Jack's future with his big sister.

Despite her kicks, Catie seems to be super aware and excited about babies lately. Every time she sees my stomach she says, "baby!!" and loves to say "nigh nigh baby" and give my stomach a kiss at bedtime. It is super cute. She loved having Baby Mackenzie visit earlier this week... though had a major meltdown when baby M was in her high chair or playing with her coveted toys. Good thing Erin brought her own high chair.

For me pregnancy also = no patience whatsover.

My kids have been pushing every button imaginable this week and I've been trying to love them extra in return. I'm reading an awesome book called Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs by Ellen Galinsky. I'm currently in the chapter about communication. It talked about how babies prefer their mothers the most during their first few weeks alive because no one else's voice is loud enough when they are in utero. I have a feeling Baby Jack is going to know and like his siblings more than me by the time that he arrives because their fighting and screaming has been so loud this week that he probably has no clue I am even around.

For me pregnancy also means I eat a lot of treats. Fortunately my hobby of blogging and doing crafty projects keeps my hands busy so I actually eat less treats than you'd think. I am a bit of a hoarder though and want to have the treats... Catie is starting to discover all of my hiding spots. I can't deny her ever. Her little "treat treat" is too adorable.

This pregnancy I have been all about mexican food. I make a lot of mexican manicotti, taco soup, taco salad, quesadillas, etc. If you can believe it, I had never made enchiladas until this week- EVER. If I had known how easy they were to make they would be on our weekly meal rotation. But, let's be honest... I don't have a weekly meal rotation :) I will be making them a lot from here on out though!

Today I had a doctor's appointment for Baby Jack. The doctor said that I am 26 weeks and 2 days. Last time I went to my appointment I had gained 6 lbs in 5 weeks and they were appalled. It was probably due to all of the traveling we've been doing and extra food (lots of Chick-fil-A fries in NC and VA)... and less running (since it was 106 degrees in the south). Today I weighed in less than last time, so it all balanced out. Considering I have a spreadsheet from each pregnancy with my detailed weight gain by month and it is EXACTLY the same every pregnancy (no matter what), I haven't been too concerned. Since I'm down a pound or two than my normal goal it just means I can eat an extra cookie at Paradise Bakery today. :)

The doctor also told me that the baby is measuring big. They aren't concerned about it (esp since I don't have gestational diabetes) but want me to come back for my next appointment sooner. I am hoping that the baby is even bigger next time so that we can prove I've been right all along and the baby is coming sooner than they expect. I've thought their due date prediction has been off the whole time. Kevin is hoping the baby arrives on Halloween so that Baby Jack's name is extra meaningful.

Overall I am so grateful to be healthy and have such a great pregnancy so far! I feel less old and tired this time around, so I'm thinking it might be boys versus girls for me... cross my fingers it stays that way!


kt said...

That picture of Catie with the Hershey Kisses is Too Much! What a cutie bug.

Jack is a great name if you decide to use it ;-) My grandpa's name so I may be a bit biased, tho!

Chrissie said...

I haven't been keeping up with blogs lately so didn't know you were thinking of naming the baby Jack! That is sooo adorable! It makes me even more excited to have a name to go along with your cute bump. :) (No pressure if you end up picking something else, though)

Laura Tanner said...

You should just do what I do - tell them the date of your LMP based on what you think the due date should be. They can try and prove you wrong through ultrasounds. :-)