Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Last Saturday was mega productive, so it was only fair that this Saturday was the exact opposite. The only real thing that got done was the dishes.

We slept in until 9am and then our babysitter from down the street showed up at 9:45 so that we could say goodbye to Catie and take Andrew to the movie theater for the morning showing of Pixar's Brave.

We got a few treats and drinks since we were at the movies... and then thoroughly enjoyed the movie together. Andrew was so engrossed in watching the show that he barely broke into his treats until the very end. Meanwhile, I ate a box of Milk Duds far too quickly and felt sick the rest of the movie... AND the baby decided to have a dance party in my stomach from all of the sugar. 

Little dude asked if we could go see the movie again tomorrow, so I think he liked it.

After we got home, we played with Catie for a little bit and then she went down for one of her typical marathon naps (almost 4 hours). Kevin and I lounged and watched the Olympics and napped (and Andrew had quiet time) until late afternoon and then we had a family trip to the pool. It was lovely to have Kevin there so that I could swim some laps and have free arms a bit.

The highlight of the swimming trip was anytime I went close to Andrew and he would yell, "I DON'T WANT TO SWITCH!" I guess he thought if I was hanging out with him then his dad had Catie and couldn't throw him in the air as much. Him screaming and pushing me away made me feel so loved ;) Fortunately Catie did the opposite and was clawing for me at any opportunity... so I didn't feel too hated.

Andrew and I ended the day with some BabbaBox craft fun and then we watched some Olympics until he hit the sack.

I loved our lazy Saturday!

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