Sunday, July 8, 2012

An East Coast Road Trip to North Carolina!

Whenever we get on the East Coast I started realizing how close all of my favorite people and places are... and try and fit in seeing all of them.

We've been trying to get to North Carolina on a trip for about two years. One day on our Virginia Beach trip we decided that since we were only 6 hours away from our NC friends, we should try and change our flights and extend our trip a bit.

Etta was gone on family vacation, but the Warners were around, so after our weeklong trip to VA we jumped in the car headed to the Charlotte area where they live! The road trip was pretty good (other than the car chargers not working... so the last two hours of the drive we didn't have any shows to watch on the iPad because it was dead :(). 

Once we arrived, we settled in, put the kids down to bed, said goodbye to the babysitter, and headed off for a night out with Chris & Sarah (Andrew was babysat by the iPad for a little bit until he chose to go to bed)!

I can't remember the name of the BBQ place they took us to in Charlotte, but the cheesy bread was awesome, loaded baked potatoes were delicious, and chocolate pie was heavenly! It was the best meal I'd eaten all week!

On Sunday we went to Chris & Sarah's ward and we dropped off all the kids in primary so that we could relax in Sunday School without them. Lovely! Catie even managed to stay happy in nursery with strange new people and toys for almost 2 hours.

Then we spent the afternoon playing in the Warner's beautiful playroom, watching movies, chatting, and eating. Sarah made a delicious lunch for us and then Chris BBQ ribs for dinner that Kevin loved. Andrew and Izzie played together upstairs in the playroom without any problems for like three hours while Sarah and I chatted and Kevin and Chris did random techy things.

Later we snuck outside to get some energy out. It was 100+ degrees, so the kiddos didn't last long.

Catie was so confused as to why her crazy buddies thought being outside and running races was fun!

After dinner, Sarah and I left the guys and kids and went on a nice leisurely walk... until it started thundering and lightning and then we ran home. We put the crazy kiddos to bed. Andrew and Izzie had a sleepover in the playroom. We didn't think they would fall asleep, but they passed out within 5-10 minutes. Probably from all the racing in the hot weather.

We knew the sleepover wouldn't last... but it was fun trying it anyway. Andrew woke up screaming bloody murder around 12:30am, freaked Izzie out, and everyone went back to their beds (or their parent's beds) for actual sleeping.

The next morning Sarah and I woke up before it got really hot and went for a 3 mile jog. Kevin "watched" the kiddos from his bed. :) Then we played in Sarah's pool for awhile until it was time to get ready and packed up to head to the airport.

There was an amazing spider in the pool that walked on water. Andrew and Kevin thought it was cool. Sarah and I did not.

I love Andrew's terrified face here.

Before we got in the car we managed to snap a few pictures. I finally got one of me to prove that I actually was on the trip. Izzie and Andrew crack me up.

... and they had to be in our picture too.

Thanks Warners for such a fun spur of the moment trip! You were exceptional hosts! Let's do it again soon!

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