Friday, July 20, 2012

Grandpa's Birthday

It was my dad's birthday last Saturday- Bastille Day- July 14th. We celebrated by heading to Utah to party with Elise, Dan, my parents, and Cat & Scott... plus all of the kiddos! Jessie was sorely missed!


Andrew started off Grandpa's birthday with a trip on the golf cart to Will's Pit Stop for slurpees and donuts. Then when Maddie arrived... they went again! 

After that, we headed over to The Provo Beach to climb, eat lunch, and do some bowling.

During naptime the guys went off to see Spiderman and the girls went shopping at Target and then helped Elise get handouts ready for the YW lesson she was teaching the next day (that she had just found out about).

When the kiddos woke up we played and played! Catie loved rocking "baby Olivia"... who actually talks more than her and is only 5 months younger... so not really a baby anymore.

Aunt Elise read the kiddos some stories, they goofed around and bounced on the love sacs, and then they had a popcorn party with Grandma!

Once everyone was home we headed to the pool for some more birthday fun and a Brick Oven pizza party!

Then we raced back to the house to open Grandpa's presents and eat cake!

He had two very helpful little assistants during present unwrapping!

Andrew and Maddie decorated Grandpa's cake and did an awesome job- especially with all of the leftover Easter decorations. They were very proud. :)

Grandpa even got to blow out his candles two times so that his little helpers got to assist!

Happy Birthday dad! We love you! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you last weekend!

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