Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catie- 19.6 Months

Now that we're finally home, Catie got to go to her very belated 18 month well child doctor's appointment.

To say that she doesn't like new people (especially women) is a complete understatement. She is terrified of them right now. I think all the change and traveling over the past month has taken it's toll on this very clingy mama's girl.

When we arrived in the waiting room she started crying and wouldn't let me put her down. She finally chilled out enough to eat some snacks and throw them all over the waiting room.

Then, when the nurse said it was our turn to come in she started screaming bloody murder and ran down the hall away from us. You can probably guess that the rest of the appointment was equally as much fun. ;) I was sooo grateful to my friend Chrissie who let Andrew come over to play during the appointment. I knew Caitlin was going to be a handful, but I didn't realize how seriously terrified she was going to be. Poor little girl.

While I chatted with the doctor and held her on my lap with toys and snacks, she still cried... though occasionally would answer my questions or listen to me and the doctor talk. When the doctor checked her our and then when she got shots she just freaked out.

I was super glad to get her back to the car and going home... though even once we were in the car she just wanted me. It feels wonderful to feel so loved :) even if it is a bit extreme.

Here are her "18 month'" stats (a bit late):

Height- 35 inches- either 94 or 97% can't remember (give or take a bit... she was screaming and we had to hold her down)
Weight- 26.11 lbs- 70%
Head Circumference- 48.75- 92%

In prepping for her appointment I was looking through some pictures of when she was little and comparing them to now. She seriously looks like a different kid. One picture was at 3 or 4 months and the other was at 18 months.

Here are a few of the many words that she says...

right there
look mama
uh oh
no- in context and combined with other words to make phrases
choo choo
thank you mama/babboo
nigh nigh babboo
fire truck

But to be honest, I know she says a lot more and I don't know what they are because I've been really bad at keeping records for her. I was actually going to talk to the doctor about her speech and language skills today because I was worried that she wasn't talking enough... which was why I started writing them down in the first place. The doctor laughed at me today when I said I was worried. She said Catie is right on track, if not further along than she needs to be, so not to worry. 

Anyways, we love this little girl. She is darling even when she is being clingy. I love watching her relationship with Andrew grow too. She idolizes him and also loves to torture him. It is pretty funny to watch the two of them interact when I am in a good mood... when I am not, it can be pretty annoying how much they can fight and bug each other. I love that she sticks up for herself though and I really love how Andrew is very protective of her too. If anyone is mean to her Andrew will say, "Don't be mean to my sister" or "Give that toy back to my sister" or whatever. It is really cute.

Other facts about Catie right now:
  • Wears size 2T clothes and size 4 diaper
  • Takes one nap a day for about 2 hours
  • Sleeps about 14-16 hours each night* (praying the new baby follows after her)
  • Attends nursery on Sunday for 2 hours (still adjusting)
  • Loves doggies, trains, and My Little Ponies
  • Has never-ending energy- never stops moving
  • Eats basically anything we give her and isn't too picky- loves fruit and anything dipped in ketchup or ranch
  • Loves coloring and doing "projects" with Andrew
  • Is a little fish and loves the pool and ocean... and is quite scary to spend time with in it because she doesn't want you to hold her.
  • LOVES shoes, accessorizing, and dressing up! She hates when I brush her hair, but will tolerate it if I count for five seconds while I do it. Loves having clippies in her hair and will bring them to me to put back in if they fall out.
* With regards to the sleeping, the doctor also says that there's nothing wrong with that or her... even though that is a lot of sleeping! I was worried about that too! I just plan to enjoy every minute of it until we are under-slept again with a new baby.

This little girl is completely adored at our house and we feel so blessed to have her in our family!


Chrissie said...

That pic of her in the BYU jersey: A-DOR-A-BLE. What a big girl she's becoming. She's really getting to be one of the gang now, isn't she?

Marguerite said...

Do you have any good books for autism/aspergers? resourses or places with activities...information?

Laura Tanner said...

Really 14-16 hours? That would be heaven! Natalie averages 10.