Friday, July 20, 2012

Girls Night Outs in Utah

During our super short busy trip to Utah we did manage to squeeze in two girls night outs!

On Monday we headed off for a girls shopping trip to SLC. We hit up basically any and every maternity store in the area. We also got Mrs. Fields cookie sandwiches and had dinner at Z-Teca Mexican Grill- which I had never been to before and definitely plan on going back to.

I seriously inhaled that entire burrito and now want another one.

Cat and I were quite successful shopping and came home with several new purchases! Now maybe I'll feel less blah about my maternity clothes since I still have several months to wear them!

On Tuesday night I hit up Cheesecake Factory at City Creek with Angie (finally home from Turkey- hooray!), Heather, and Elise. We had a great time devouring our food while catching up. Of course I managed to snap a photo of the restaurant and not any of us! Next time!

I was so grateful to Scott & my dad who watched Andrew and Catie on Monday night... and my mom and dad who watched Andrew and Catie on Tuesday night. It was lovely to get to shop, chat, and eat without entertaining the crazies too!

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Danielle Bahr said...

What? Are you pregnant? When are you due? Do you know what you are having? I haven't surfed blogs in ages... Evidently I am missing out. Catie is SOOO cute. What a doll. Her stats are about the same as lulu's three year old stats :). Ha! Miss you, love you! I am constantly amazed by all you can accomplish. Love you lots,
Ps: my iPad doesn't have your email address yet, which is why I am not just emailing you.