Friday, July 6, 2012

A little overdue

About two weeks ago (two or three days after we got home from Maui), I had my ultrasound. They gave us a CD of pics of the baby... which I hope to see again at some point, but they don't work on either of our computers, so for now, the CD is still just hanging out on our kitchen counter. :( 

The ultrasound went great though. I slipped and called the baby a "he" at the beginning of the ultrasound, so I wasn't too surprised that it was a boy when the technician told us the news. Andrew has been predicting that he's going to have a little brother for awhile... so it worked out perfectly that he was right.

After my appointment I made Kevin hang out in Walnut Creek and shop until Mrs. Fields opened at the mall (at 10am... appointment was done by 8:45am). While we waited, we shopped around Barnes and Noble and I grabbed the kids some new books about being big sisters and brothers.

Then we headed home with our Mrs. Fields cookie sandwiches- filled with blue frosting- so that we could break the news to the kiddos.

This little guy was excited about both the cookies and the new baby brother... and Catie just grabbed for the cookies. Poor girl has no idea what is coming and is in for the shock of her life in November.

She was pretty stoked about her new big sister book though.

After we ate cookies and checked out the books, the kids sent Grandpa Kim a message about the news. We are trying out a new free app to connect grandparents with their grandkids more. It is cute and fun... when we remember to use it! I think Andrew even drew a picture of himself eating cookies, along with the photos we sent.

Anyways, most of you probably heard our news already on Facebook or Instagram a few weeks ago. If you missed it though, now you are caught up.

It's a boy! 

Someday I'll have an ultrasound pic to show you. To be honest, I really didn't really care if it was a boy or a girl and am really just happy the baby is healthy. We feel very blessed to be adding this new little addition to our family and are excited for the craziness that he will add to the mix.   

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kt said...

Congratulations! This is very exciting :)