Thursday, July 12, 2012

The New Busy

I always get depressed after vacation, so I like to get busy asap. To be honest, I have no memory of what we did last week with Kevin home other than I know we did a family drive-thru trip to Cheesecake Factory. It involved Kevin and I eating take-out in the car while the kids blissfully watched a movie in the back and we occasionally tossed them a french fry.

Other than that, it was all a blur. There was too much to do to get back in the swing of life... none of which included unpacking, cleaning, or laundry. 

This week we've been busy with what I sometimes call my "virtual" life. It doesn't feel real... since it is on the computer, but I have work deadlines and stuff in order to get paid. We spent several days working on different projects with sticks for a few different blog posts. Kevin and Andrew had a grand time hunting for them.

You can check out one of the cool things we created here
(but if you have a daughter named Maddie or your name is Grandpa Kim... don't look yet ;))

We also worked on a blog post for one of my favorite toy companies- Melissa and Doug. It will get posted sometime next week. It was fun to discover my face on their website the other day. 

Catie liked eating the project more than doing it. I love her guilty face right before she starts stuffing our project in our mouth :)

Most of this week I have spent free time working on handouts for girls camp or actually "cleaning" my house... which basically means moving piles from one room to another. I need a solid week all by myself alone in my house to make a dent on the disaster that currently lies behind cupboards. (The 5 hours Kevin gave me on Saturday only helped me get one load of laundry done. I work at a slow pace right now.)

We've also had several park playdates with friends and even went jogging with my neighbor the other day. The kids thought it was so fun and Stefanie and I enjoyed chatting while we jogged and pushed... though I mostly breathed heavily and gasped bc I was dying pushing the double jogger uphill.

It has been hot, so we've also spent some quality time eating popsicles in our baby pool. After being a mean mom for most of the day the other day, we did do a cool project. My creativity goes in waves though... and when it is hot I'd rather just sit and attempt to referee my kids from my spot in the shade.

A friend and I decided to do a weekly "kid's camp" with a theme. This week I was in charge and so we had bug camp today. Catie hates when my attention isn't solely devoted to her... so she struggles with my parties, but I press on. Partying is in my genes and this girl needs to learn that having lots of friends at our house is fun!

The highlight of camp was the bug hunt. They were way into it. My proudest moment was when everyone else was done and Andrew wasn't and he had to get every last bug checked off. Love it that he cared.

Other fun happenings this week... 

  • one of my favorite friends had her new baby girl. Baby Torri is going to be my little guy's BFF. I got to visit her at the hospital today and accidentally took a detour through some places I wasn't supposed to go when my friend and I got lost on our way out... so we visited with all the nurses in Labor and Delivery and told them I'd be coming to see them again in a few months!
  • I had my first really long preschool board meeting. I'm the new Curriculum Chair on the Executive Board. Any free time I thought I was going to have next year will be gone once mid August hits... so I'm extra motivated to be lazy now. Our meeting was from 7-10pm tonight. I forgot to bring a diet coke and just about passed out around 9pm. Excited to be working with such awesome ladies though!
  • Girls Night out at a new-to-me Thai restaurant with my friend Melissa last night. I ate so much curry and pineapple fried rice that I was in a food coma until about 11:30pm last night and then realized I actually had a huge long "to do" list I needed to get cracking on.
  • Finally used the laminator that Shari gave me for Christmas. I sense a new addiction coming on. 
  • Catie now says "NO" to us constantly. It is so funny that Andrew and I have a hard time keeping a straight face. She actually uses it in correct contexts and is pairing it with lots of other words. My favorite now is that instead of hearing her screaming when Andrew isn't being nice to her  and wondering what happened... I can hear her yelling, "no Babboo, no Babboo" :) Then at least I know the culprit quicker. Baboo = Andrew

Lastly, Baby #3 has been on my mind a lot. At least in the 5 minutes a day when I have down time... or when I start crying for dumb reasons (like how it was soooo hard to scoop out my own ice cream tonight). He isn't much of a presence because he is hiding behind the placenta... which means I don't get too many jabs yet (thank goodness!). 

I am seriously trying to figure out how to get this poor kid some attention. He doesn't get a new room (unless I get busy doing some serious remodeling... which I just can't picture happening bc I have been lazy lately and then sporadically busy), so I don't have anything to decorate...

I'm not really motivated to buy him anything yet... though he did get a super cute sleeper from Sarah when we were in NC (so adorable and itty bitty!). 

And because he's such a non-presence, half the time I don't remember that I am pregnant... unless I'm walking by super unflattering mirrors (like I did earlier today) and then it is rudely apparent that I am pregnant and huge. 

So, for now the little guy will just have to settle for some extra love via an end of the day bowl of ice cream... and hopefully Kevin is nearby to scoop it because apparently that is too hard of a job for me after a 3 hour preschool meeting!

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