Monday, July 23, 2012

Bitten by the Organizing Bug

Somehow nesting kicked into full gear this weekend and I now have a desire to rid my house of every ounce of clutter. It is going to take awhile, but I made some progress.

Having a son who likes to save every random scrap of clay or paperclip makes de-cluttering a constant challenge... especially since he takes after me.

I've been taking some pictures along the way of my disasters... so then I can recognize how much I've actually accomplished. Catie and Andrew have been helpful with redoing all the organization as it gets done... so they spent most of the day swimming, napping, or out of the house with Kevin on Saturday so that I could concentrate :)

This is the land of lost toys. Andrew & Catie love to chuck random toys here when it is clean up time. You can't see it since it is behind the family room couch. I trashed a lot of it and shipped a bunch of it back to other parts of the house where it belongs.

So nice to have my sparse family room back!

We temporarily relocated a few things into this holding bin space for toys... but we'll probably replace it soon with something a little more stylish for a family room.

I cleaned and organized one of my three craft cupboards. I have an office and craft supply addiction and might need an intervention at some point.

Picture the before photo of an absolute disaster... that is what Andrew's toys looked like. I dumped all of the toys from his room and the family room onto my bedroom floor and sorted through them and dejunked. Then we finally put this IKEA bookcase into his room. It has been hanging out in our downstairs hallway for about 5 months.

I love the clean look of his room from the hallway and not being able to see all the itty bitty toy pieces.  

I still have a Google doc filled with things I need to do... but things are coming along. Andrew will be enjoying Pirate Camp this week and so I have 3 hours on some afternoons to work on house projects while Catie naps... or tries to help.

Pirate Andrew

and my little clothes sorting/organizing helper

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