Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maui- in pictures

We went to Maui with my parents and siblings (plus kids) about three or four weeks ago. It was heaven. We stayed in the Kaanapali Royal timeshares right up the hill from Whalers Village and lounged and enjoyed every minute of the week.

I tried to take a lot of pictures at the beginning of the week... because by the end I got lazy.

Most days went like this...

  • Elise, mom, Jess, and I went running 
  • Everyone went to the beach 
  • We ate lunch (usually down at Whalers village) 
  • The kids napped 
  • Sometimes we went to the pool 
  • We hit up an early dinner (so the kids wouldn't be too crazy)
  • Then we grabbed dessert (usually shave ice or sundaes in downtown Lahaina)
  • Then we got the kids to bed at a semi-decent time and relaxed all evening

Andrew and Catie both love boogie boarding.

Andrew's favorite buddy all week long was Grandpa. He is counting down the days until we go to Utah for Grandpa's birthday and see him again (seriously talks about it multiple times a day).

We are big fans of yummy meals. We made sure to hit all of our favorite restaurants when we were in town. Cheeseburger in Paradise, Lahaina Pizza Company, Longhis, The Hula Grill, CJs, etc.

I think this is the one picture I got of the whole gang.

We had tons of fun roaming around the Banyon Tree park while I snapped photos of these cheeseballs.

This is the only pic I took at the beach the next day (see... starting to feel lazy)

Shave ice is Kevin's favorite. He was ok going there every night. The kids didn't disagree.

I still need to gather pictures from Scott, Kevin, Cat, and Jess... on Wednesday they drove the Road to Hana. They took Andrew with them. No one got sick and they had a great time.

Meanwhile, Elise, Dan, me and my parents (plus Catie and the other kids) spent the day at Baby Beach in Lahaina (Catie is crazy at the beach, so I could barely take any pictures that day).

We also went out to lunch and had dinner at The Hula Grill in the outdoor bar area which was like a big sandbox. Catie loved it... other people didn't love her loving it... so we spent a lot of time wandering around outside of the restaurant.

The girls loved goofing around with Grandpa while we waited for our table.

The next day we headed off to Kapalua. I love the beach there... mainly because they sell Mrs. Fields ice cream sandwiches in close proximity to the water.

That evening we went to our longstanding favorite restaurant- Longhis. The service was slow but the food was delicious and our kids actually cooperated somewhat (thank you iPad and the fact that Catie really liked the spaghetti).

Thursday was another day spent lounging at the beach. In the evening we went to the Luau at the Hyatt. Love it. Especially the yummy juice.

I grabbed lots of pics while we waited for everything to start.

It is always so hot and sunny for the first hour or so. This is what Scott ends up doing every time.

I think this may be the one picture I have of Kevin and I from the whole week. I'm looking nice and sweaty :)

My delicious luau meal. Yum! Especially the pineapple. Catie and Andrew loved the pork!

Catie loved cuddling and giggling with Grandpa.

We tried a G&G with the grandkids photo shoot. They were good sports. I am not a professional photographer and have no patience with myself when I am taking pictures... so I have no patience with anyone else either.

On Friday we did our usual beach thing again, had a pizza party dinner with everyone at the pool, and then ended the trip with one last trip for shave ice.

Kevin and I also managed to get a date night in on the trip (thanks Mom and Dad for watching our kids!) and my mom, Elise and I had a girls night out shopping trip too. Kevin also got to spend two mornings scuba diving with Jess and Scott. He went to Molokini and Turtle Reef. He had a great time and was happy his scuba certification came in handy.

Kevin and I agree that out of all of the trips we've been on this entire year, we totally would've been ok with extending this one for another week or two. Maui feels like home, I love our routine there, and this post is making me want to go back right now.

Thanks Mom and Dad for such an awesome trip! It was so nice to have so much down time to just hang out with my siblings and parents and the little cousins and spend time together. 


Jenny said...

That sounds dreamy and you got some picture perfect photos to capture it all!

The Potter Pack said...

How fun! Great pics! Love the one with your parents and the grand kids with matching outfits!