Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Great Reason for a Headache?

I think I've mentioned before that I am the social director (along with two of my buds) for our HOA (Home Owner's Association). There are 400+ homes in our neighborhood and they are all filled with awesome people that we can't wait to meet!

Today was our first summer social. It was a hit. The main reason was because it was simple. No frills, just playing at the pool and free popsicles and ice cream bars. We (the directors) enjoyed every minute because we just got to socialize, meet loads of new families in the neighborhood, and only had to referee a bit to make sure certain kids didn't inhale all the treats before everyone got one. We also got to eat as many treats as we wanted... and we got some names/numbers of new babysitters :) 

Our poster was destroyed about 5 minutes into the event. It took me 3 minutes to make, so I didn't feel too bad about it. Like I said... simple was the goal. This poster will not be featured on pinterest.

Andrew was like a crazy pool maniac the whole time. He is getting more and more water safe, so I actually could watch him from outside of the pool when I was socializing... Unfortunately, Catie was determined to spend the entire afternoon in the pool... hence my headache. The adorable little fish is completely unhappy and ecstatic in the pool. She can't make up her mind how she feels about the water and me having to hold her... She wants to be like the other kids who don't need to be held... but she can't stand me not being glued to her side either. For a blissful minute or two she loved wearing a friend's water wings, but then was done with that and yelling, "no mama, no mama." She kept me moving the whole 2 hour event. I think I am counting that as my workout for the day.

Meanwhile, other than occasionally jumping too close to the wall, Andrew was an angel... until they found this darn plastic snake on the bathroom floor (which I found out about from Julie as Andrew was sucking on it- ICK!).

Once the snake came into the picture Andrew could not handle having to share it with his friend. This turned into a lovely tantrum that ended our pool party fun.

The thing I love about Andrew is that even when he is throwing a massive tantrum and people are staring at us (and usually smiling at me giving me that, "I've been there, you're a good mom" smile)... he still does exactly what I say to do.

He could be yelling like a maniac that he hates me and he's not going home and he wants to stay at the pool... but when I start walking to the car or packing up the stroller he will follow me all the way to the car yelling... but he still comes. Thank goodness! His level of tantrum had gotten to the point that I thought I was going to have to jump in the pool, pull him out, and carry him to the car.

By the time I strapped my kids in the car (watching a movie while a friend watched them), cleaned up the clubhouse from the party and rearmed the alarm, I had the most massive headache ever.

Leftover pizza take-out and some episodes of Busytown cartoons while I sat on the couch in a daze helped clear it up a bit though... and so did putting the kids to bed super early.

Can't wait till our next popsicle/ice cream pool party!

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The Mostess said...

I would love that job! Looks like the party was a wild success!