Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Excitement

We didn't do anything really out of the ordinary this week, but it was a lot of fun. Most days my only goals are to do something fun with my kids, exercise, and possibly attempt to organize an area in my house. Sometimes I add in chores :)

Having such simple goals make the days pretty easy. I am also attempting to sleep in as much as I possibly can. One day this week I slept in until 10am and the rest of the days I slept in until closer to 9am. At first I was thinking that I should feel really lazy... but I'm choosing to ignore that feeling and enjoy every single day. I have no clue how baby #3 is going to rock my world of sleeping... so I am saving up sleep now!

Catie is really into dress up lately. Now that all the dress up clothes are organized and in one spot, they are the "go to" play activity for both kids. Andrew puts on his space suit pretty much every day during quiet time and Catie is constantly finding new hats, jewelry, and costumes to make herself pretty. Andrew helped her get all decked out in his pirate costume the other day. It was adorable. He had pirate camp this week and made lots of piratey themed crafts... so both kids have been into pirates this week.

Catie has also been cracking us up with some of her talking. This was just a video Andrew and I thought was funny because she just kept saying "no" to everything Andrew said.

Andrew also did his first graffiti work on our walls yesterday. During quiet time he went into my bathroom with a pencil and drew all over our bathroom door. It could've been much worse. I was taking a nap downstairs and was completely oblivious. I had a hard time being mad when I found the artwork. It was actually pretty good... so my main lecture was more about how sad it was that his awesome picture had to get erased and how if he'd drawn it on paper we could've kept it. We obviously talked at length about all the things we are allowed to draw on our house... and then I made him scrub the bathroom wall with soap and water and it easily came off. Yay!

On Thursday we also had Japan Day as part of a Global Cultures themed week that I was participating in with my Toddler Approved blog. You can read about all of the activities we did here. It was fun to revisit some good memories from when we lived in Japan and share them with Andrew. He loved the silly fake sushi that we made.

Today we had a fun celebration to kick off the start of the Olympics. My friend Chrissie and I have been doing weekly "Camp Mom" activities and this week some of our other friends were able to join us. The kids did some Olympic themed crafts and activities and had fun just goofing around.

Aunt Jessie came up to sleep over last night and helped us at our Olympic celebration this morning. Catie LOVES her and even learned to say"Jess"... so having her around was so lovely... especially when she was feeling clingy. Jessie and I also had fun relaxing and watching shows and chatting during naptime... and then later in the afternoon we went jogging. I pushed the double jogger the 1.5 miles to the park and then she was nice to push it the 1.5 miles uphill home. :) Highlight of my day!

After she headed home, the kiddos and I went swimming. We've gone several days this week and now I am loving it even more because Catie finally decided to like her floatie. I gave her an ultimatum yesterday and said she couldn't go in the pool without it on (because otherwise she is super dangerous and is always trying to push me away). Somehow the fact that I was serious clicked and she enthusiastically wore the floatie. Victory! Swimming is now pure bliss.

Tonight the kiddos got decked out in their new Team USA outfits courtesy of Grandma Julie and watched a little bit of the Opening Ceremonies. Catie watched the NBC video highlights and a little bit of a the pre-show commentary and Andrew watched until 9pm.

Both were so cute decked out in their new outfits. Go Team USA! We are so excited for the next two weeks of Olympic watching!

This weekend we are looking forward to more swimming, organizing, and a Mom, Dad, and Andrew special trip to see Brave at the movie theater!

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