Monday, July 23, 2012

Trash Trucks and Cuddles

Catie's favorite new word is trash truck. She ran around the house all day today hoping to look out the window and see it come by. Monday is trash day. If she didn't wake up at 9:30am, she might have seen the trash truck earlier. She passed time by trying on every hat that she could find in the house.

I love this post-nap pic of her when I asked if she saw the trash truck and she grumpily said, "NO!"

To make her happier, we did a trash truck art project and read our favorite children's book on the subject called Trashy Town... it still didn't make up for only having seen the trash truck once. Fortunately we managed to see one again on our way home from getting Andrew at camp.

I love that she is so passionate about trash trucks and trains. Andrew was too, so I have her covered with books and toys!

The other favorite part of my day is Catie's bedtime. 

She is such a cuddler. I've started a bedtime routine with her recently where we'll just sit in her rocker in the dark and talk about her day before I put her to bed. I talk to her about all of the fun things we did that day and then I listen as she talks to me. It is so adorable how much she tries to say... even though I can't understand any of it (other than a few words here or there)! While we chat she will just snuggle up against my chest and suck her thumb when she isn't talking. We just rock and rock. It is positively adorable and so different from the energetic little personality that runs around the rest of the day.

I love it!

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