Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Catie, Andrew, and I went to Oakland this afternoon to visit Scott and Cat at their new apartment. We explored and ran around their cool roof and then goofed around in their apartment full of boxes.

The kiddos and I were amazed when we noticed this little creature hanging out on the window bench. Concord the turtle.

Andrew was in love with feeding him.
Catie was just in love.

This little girl went through lots of obstacles (boxes, cords, rock band drums, etc) to reach the aquarium again and again to see her little buddy.

He seemed to love her too and would swim right over to the glass when she approached and pressed her face on the side. He did not do the same thing with loud, crazy Andrew.

It was positively adorable to watch.

Are turtles more resilient than goldfish? Can they eat chocolate?

I used to have one in Tokyo named Samantha and one named Johniffer (nicknamed after our friends Johnny and Jenny Boren... I'm laughing out loud right now that that was a name I chose. I'd forgotten about it until today).

I love turtles. Maybe we'll get a new pet? Or maybe we'll just make sure we visit Scott and Cat a lot. :)

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