Monday, September 12, 2011

The new friend

I love this little cutie. She spent all afternoon yesterday crawling around our kitchen, dining room, and chasing Andrew. She also discovered the stairs. Our tall stairs have gates... but we have two steps that go from the living room to the dining room... and she figured out how to go up one of them... and then got stuck. I was close by the entire time to make sure she didn't get hurt.

Now it is like I don't exist at our house. Andrew could care less about playing with me. He just keeps yelling, "Put Cate down and let her crawl around with me!" Hooray for little sisters!

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The Tolberts said...

I am convinced that having two or three kids is way easier than one for this reason. Carson and Brynnli could care less about me when the other is home, and Cole just wants to be with them all the time. So nice Andrew has a friend to play with! It will keep getting better!! Your kids are too cute, can't wait to meet them someday!!