Thursday, September 15, 2011

What have we been up to this week?

It's been a busy one! Just the way I like it! (other than waking up at 7am every day... that is not my sort of schedule).

We've been...
Making a few projects

Crawling... and crawling... and falling!

Playing quilt games (here and here)

Going to preschool! (I got to volunteer on Tuesday and LOVED IT! There is something wonderful about being in a classroom and helping... but not having to be in charge or really responsible for anything!)

Punching, cutting, and gluing! (they worked on lots of scissor-skills this week)

Exploring new materials! (The people from sent me a big box of free craft materials to try out!)

Hiking! We did a color scavenger hunt at the Lafayette Reservoir with Fireman Andrew and his little sidekick. The weather was freezing in some spots and then so hot in others... hence the big coats!)

Exercising! (at least I exercised... they just looked cute and ate popsicles while I pushed them up big hills)

Eating cookies at Blackhawk and Mrs. Fields

(and watching the cookies get eaten... life is rough when you're 9 months old)

Stair climbing and using the baby treadmill- aka slide (this girl is full of non-stop energy like her brother!)

Getting hair cuts!
Andrew got one at Shear Adventures this evening and the hair stylist was so energetic and chatty that he barely realized anything was happening.

I got a haircut this morning from my fabulous friend Melissa. I got the pleasure of chatting with her for 45 minutes and she made my hair look fabulous... it was such a treat! Look at how clean my ends look!

We also ran lots of errands, worked on baby shower invites, had a big park day with lots of new/old friends, took a friend out to ice cream, made homemade Oreos, and attempted to do some housework.  

Now if we can just survive tomorrow...  (I'm working at Mom's Morning Out, then we have Cate's haircut, errands to run, and then a trip to the South Bay for a photo shoot).

Our empty Saturday morning schedule is looking heavenly right now!


E J said...

LOVE your haircut!

Melissa said...

you really do look FABULOUS!

i love chatting with you too my dear. come over more often!