Wednesday, September 7, 2011

P is for Preschool

Andrew and I have been getting excited for him to start preschool. I am probably more excited than he is... seriously. I got totally excited when I got an email saying I had to attend a three hour preschool parent orientation. It was the most organized event I have been to in awhile. There wasn't a minute wasted... and we ended early. I learned tons. I can't wait for the quarterly parent education nights. Yes, I am a dork :) 

On Tuesday Andrew got to go to a preschool walk-through to help him get excited for his first real day of preschool. We met his teacher, found his cubby, and then I showed him around the school and he got to play...  

and play and play and play. We actually barely made it around the whole school. We met the class pet first (a corn snake- yikes!) and then we went to the block room and never left... until the last 5 minutes... since the room was seriously filled with everything Andrew loves (Legos, blocks, trains, FIRETRUCKS, a FIRE STATION, cars, a cool swing, ladders, a loft hideout, dress up clothes, a play kitchen, a pretend store, and on and on).

I had fun introducing myself to other parents, chatting with his teacher (LOVE her!), and just watching Andrew play and explore.

I am so excited that I get to volunteer in his classroom twice a month! I love the philosophy of the school and I am so excited to learn from his teachers. 

Andrew already has a list of things he wants to do on Thursday when he goes back for his official first day of preschool. First stop... playing with this firehouse we discovered as we were leaving. He is going to be making Little People go down that fire pole for hours!

His teacher was excited to see how social, outgoing, and friendly he was. Her daughter's name is also Caitlin... so Andrew loved telling her about his baby Caitlin. :) He also loved standing by the maps and acting like a weather man and showing everyone where the recent hurricane was on the East Coast. We finally had to cut him off or else his forecast might have lasted as long as the hurricane itself.

Hopefully he doesn't have a huge meltdown when I leave him there tomorrow... but I'm expecting it. 


The Mostess said...

I am SO on board with you in your preschool excitement. I LOVE that stuff.

His preschool is adorable, and I'm sure he will love it.

Haha on his weatherman antics. :)

laura kate said...

So exciting, looks like a great program...I hope first day went well! Thank you for your comment and scripture, it meant a lot.