Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day of Firsts

Man was our little guy excited for Preschool! 
Our Preschool Pirate themed activity on Wednesday night might have helped with that a bit.

He was so excited that he woke up super early... and played so hard that he even got to change his outfit before we left (because it had already gotten dirty)... which was perfect for me because I wasn't a fan of the first outfit he chose. 

For journalling sake... I'll be honest and say that the day wasn't idyllic. I was worried that we'd arrive too early and he'd see other kids getting sad, so I aimed to be there right on time. That was a shoot and a miss... and we ended up being 3-4 minutes late and then we still had to walk from the car to the school. I pretended not to be stressed on our drive and we sang his new favorite song- The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything by Veggie Tales. He was totally happy. When we arrived at school, his name tag was the last one (and only one) still hanging outside. I was mortified. The class aide and a parent volunteer escorted him into the block room where everyone was already singing. He gave me a big hug before he left and never looked back. I cried the entire way to the car and hugged Catie bug. I could not believe I made him late on his first day. I basically got nothing done while he was gone other than running a few miles on the treadmill while Catie napped... my only goal was to be EARLY to pick him up.

I was. He was happy. The kids was clueless that I'd ever been worried about anything. We wished his teacher "Happy Birthday" and gave her the cute card he'd made the night before. Then he showed me the cute picture of his class pet (Pepper) that he had drawn... and I interrogated him all about his day.  

Turns out he didn't totally internalize the "keep your hands (and objects) to yourself" rule that we'd talked about the night before and whacked a little girl in the head/nose with a bucket. I think hope it was accidental. The poor girl got to have  a big band-aid on her nose in all of her first day of preschool photos. Andrew sure knows how to start the year off with a bang!

After his first day of preschool, we played and ran errands and then we headed off with one of his buddies to go celebrate at the circus! Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey were in town and my friend Chrissie won free tickets and was nice enough to invite us! I loved having a special mom/son night with Andrew and his buds.

The excitement could not be contained

They shared the absolutely largest container of popcorn that I have seen. It was the size of a cereal box. There wasn't much left when they were done.

Andrew and I were both amazed. The performance was head over heels more spectacular that I imagined it would be... and totally went along perfectly with 3-yr-old humor. The kids were laughing so hard that it made me laugh. The show was called "Fully Charged" and was all about fire and electricity... so just imagine my fire loving child in HEAVEN all evening. Fire throwing, people catapulting on fire, fire eating, fire juggling, fireman clowns putting out fire... seriously awesome. 

I loved the elephants more than the fire. I also loved all the clown vehicles. Circuses are fascinating. We finally packed up to go home when we discovered that the kiddos were falling asleep in their seats... despite the loud music. 

The kids slept the whole way home while Chrissie and I got to chat. 

Wow! I am tired from that whole day of firsts... and I was exhausted by the time preschool was over. :)

What a great day! Thanks Chrissie and friends for such an exciting night! Such a fun way to celebrate Andrew's first day of preschool!

TGIF! I am all tuckered out. Time to say goodnight!


Chrissie said...

That was an exhausting day, but a very memorable one! We are so grateful we got to have such fun buddies come along with us to the circus. :) Seriously, you guys totally made it perfect!

Liz said...

Adorable! Andrew is so cute, and I'm so glad he had a great first day. Hopefully you are now laughing about getting him there late. :)

I'm also loving all your labeled pictures.

Madsen Family said...

I'm pretty sure Will and Andrew wore the exact same outfit to preschool (someday I may blog about it). Isn't it funny how we make a much bigger deal out of this whole thing than the kids do? Will was unfazed by it all, but I was missing my buddy all morning.