Monday, September 12, 2011

A Visit

Elise and Olivia came into town for a quick trip and we were lucky enough to have them stay with us! We spent Friday afternoon bopping around Blackhawk and having dinner and then we woke up on Saturday morning and did a long run (while Kevin watched all three kiddos- yay for super dad/uncle!). He is not ready for a third kid at our house yet. :)

Andrew loved having Olivia and Elise visit. Although he loves me... he loves having a new captive audience to talk to... he gave Elise a tour of all of his favorite things and especially liked showing her his favorite toy store at Blackhawk. He loved talking to baby Olivia in his cute voice reserved only for babies too.

Caitlin liked to crawl near Olivia and sometimes grab at her face. Fortunately we are quicker than she is.

If Andrew and Kevin were around she didn't bother with Olivia and went straight over to the guys to try and wrestle!

On Saturday Elise went and visited her friend and former roommate, Amy, and then in the evening all of the Smith kids (plus Kevin and Cat) met up at BJs for dinner. Yum! It was so nice to go out together and get a chance to chat without being interrupted or too distracted. Olivia was a champ and just hung out and looked cute while we caught up. I cannot believe that now 3/4 of the Smith kids live in the Bay. Hooray!

Elise and I shared a Triple Chocolate Ghirardelli pizookie once we had inhaled our pizzas. It was so good!

We spent some time on Sunday morning admiring adorable Olivia until she and Elise had to head to the airport and go home. We can't wait for our next visit with them!

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Liz said...

I love how in the pic of the Smith siblings and spouses you and Elise both have your hands on your hips. And similar pants (or maybe the same?). True twins. Love it.

So fun that Elise and Olivia got to come for a quick trip!