Monday, September 26, 2011

Preschool BBQ

On Saturday morning I made a few dozen chocolate chip cookies, picked up a lot of rainbow balloons at the store, and headed over to a local park to do my first Preschool Social Committee duties.

It was hard... let me tell ya. ;) Chatting with a bunch of fun ladies, decorating trees to look like hula dancers, making tough decisions (like... where should we put the food so that the party flows properly and kids don't eat all the cookies first?), and then just looking good and welcoming people to the BBQ.

I love my job at preschool. Seriously, if no one else had come to the BBQ, I would've been completely fine to hang out all day with the ladies on my social committee. They are hysterical.

After doing my duties, Kevin arrived with the kiddos and I took Cate to a fun birthday party down in the South Bay. Andrew and Kevin stuck around and partied! They played all the games, ate popsicles, built sand volcanoes, and had a blast.

I think gauging from the picture above, our first preschool BBQ was a SUCCESS!


E J said...

I would have gone (and had fun)even if your famous chocolate chip cookies were the only "decoration"!

Liz said...

Such the perfect committee for you!!

Glad the first social was a success. With you on the committee, it's guaranteed to be a big success every time!