Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hot Fun in the ... Autumn-time?

I've had the 60s song Hot Fun in the Summertime on my brain today (not sure where that came from??)... but I have been so confused! I know Fall officially starts on Friday... so mother nature is helping make sure that we enjoy every last minute of warm weather.

It has been hot this week and I have totally gotten sick from all the changes in weather and A/C. I felt terrible all weekend and finally felt decently back to normal today (no more sore throat, hurray!).

To celebrate... we decided to throw naptimes and schedules to the wind and head over to the Peninsula. On our way, we stopped briefly at a Back to School breakfast for preschool. I made friends with a bunch of new-to-me moms while Andrew inhaled food and Caitlin kindly drank a bottle and cuddled with me. Both acted so out of character and my chatting time was so delightful that it was a great start to the day!

Our recipe for our fun end of summer trip included...

1. A quick dip in Burgess Pool with the Balenas! So quick that Andrew didn't even think he got to go in ;)

2. Playtime in shady Burgess Park... highlights included baby Henry's first time on a swing, Andrew & George chucking lots of tan bark, Caitlin inhaling lots of tan bark,... and Andrew have a mega tantrum about wanting bunny fruit snacks... seriously? With all the junk food in my car, he wanted fruit snacks?

3. Happy Meals at McDs with George, Henry, and Liz... and huge drippy ice cream cones!

4. Exploring at the Palo Alto Jr. Museum! They have an enclosed areas for babies (minus tan bark and anything else they can choke on or swallow)... so I enjoyed a break and the little ones played.

Bug rubbings


Being spiders

5. Eating Sprinkles cupcakes in the heavily air conditioned Sprinkles store at Stanford Shopping Center. I love the newly added table just for the littles. If I lived in Menlo Park we'd be parking it on those chairs once a week. PS- Jess and I are adamant that purchasing a vanilla cupcake with white sprinkles is just plain wrong. Andrew took two bites of his cupcake and neither of us liked it enough to even attempt to help him finish it. Ick!

6. Shoreline Park. Hmm... I think I'm addicted. We were here on Friday evening for a family photo shoot with the fabulous Meghan. We went again today. It was gorgeous, breezy, and sunny. We left the hotness on the other side of 101.

Loved watching this little one giggle. 

Andrew was off burying treasure and making Xs in the sand with the new friends that he made... so I didn't really talk with him until it was time to leave. Catie banged on benches and I read emails and caught up on my Google Reader, ahh... lazy summer days.

7. Dinner at Google. Always fun, always hectic. I swear they play faster music just to get you to eat quicker. Dinner starts at 6:30pm (Cate's bedtime), so it isn't ideal... but not seeing Kevin for several days straight also isn't ideal... so Catiebug gets to sacrifice. I'm getting quite good at shoveling food in her mouth while also trying to grab food with my other hand and eat it as fast as humanely possible.

Thanks Balenas and Jessie for the fun afternoon!

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Liz said...

Thank you for coming down!! Sorry Andrew couldn't swim, but we had so much fun with you guys.

I'm definitely putting the bug exhibit on our list of things to do, and maybe we'll head over to the Shoreline Park this weekend. Looks so cool!

So good seeing you!!