Friday, September 23, 2011

Hooray for Catie!

I love the chill time Catie and I have together while Andrew is at MMO and preschool. She loves his toys... but doesn't get much face time with them when he is home. When he is gone, she is in heaven.

We've been working on walking with her push toy this week. Today she let go and stood all on her own for a few seconds. I was snapping away and managed to catch her on camera.

The push toy also turns into a ride on toy. She can't ride forward yet, but she jumps so much while she is on it that she manages to move herself across the room going backwards. Andrew thinks it is hysterical and actually doesn't try to steal the ride on toy... just tries to convince her to ride again and again.

Hmm.. where should I go next? 

Catie is a big music fan like Andrew. She likes to rock out to her xylophone music.

The last exciting Catie accomplishment is that she is FINALLY taking a bottle regularly! A formula bottle... hooray! I was getting worried for a week or two that I'd have to take her on my Girls trip to Vermont.

This has also made leaving her with a weekly babysitter a lot easier! And... she actually likes her cute babysitter, so I have finally been able to get out for longer than 2 hrs!

Hooray for Catie!

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