Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bad Bunny

Some of us have been feeling a little bit like this at our house this week...

Part of that could've stemmed from a little cutie's not so stellar sleeping while daddio was on a business trip to Oregon for half the week.

She's just too cute to be mad at for long.

She made leaps and bounds of growth with language and motor skills this week though... so I can't complain...

- she's attempting to roll (big news for our little chunker who was looking like she'd be content to just hang out forever)

I could listen to her chatter all day (and do!)

- non stop talking (today she chattered at me for 30 minutes of our run... loved it)

- lots of playing with toys and talking to them (although she is much more people centered than Andrew ever was)

- lots of crying if mommy or any person is out of sight. Andrew is my perfect stand in. If I have to run to get something I tell him to come make Caitlin happy while I go do it... he loves being a helper and making her smile. She loves his dancing, singing, and talking... Ah, looking forward to the day that she no longer wants me and only wants to play with him :) freedom! j/k, I will be SO SAD when that happens (kinda).

- sneaky houdini... loves to escape from her swaddle... and we even double swaddle her at night... it is going to be a sad day when we say goodbye to the miracle blanket, but I feel like it will be happening soon. :(

Here's to hoping we survive the rest of the week...
These babies are a big help at the moment- my reinforcement for carrying on :)


Chrissie said...

Business trips really take a toll on sleep, huh? Sevak's been gone for half the week, too, and Simon has therefore decided to give up his naps.

Shari said...

LOVED hear Caitlin chatter!!
And how special that Andrew likes to entertain her. They are both growing up toooooo quickley!