Monday, March 7, 2011

Post Vacation Let Down

Ever have one of those days after a vacation when everything seems to be terrible?

Today was one of those days for us. It might have started after I spent too long reading about all of the germs on airplanes?... and started making myself feel sick.

Then I was basically a target for Caitlin's spit up all day. The stealth kind that went all down my back without me noticing. She also never took a nap longer than 45 minutes, which is not normal for her. She's kind of in a tough stage where she needs to stay awake longer... but nothing keeps her interested for long. She's still so easy, so I can't complain, byt today wasn't her finest day.

I basically tried to finish the dishes all day... and unpack and do laundry. None of the above were actually accomplished, but I made some progress. This is how Cate spent dish time. 10 minutes of pure dishwashing bliss (during Andrew's naptime).

Terrible days always seem to drag on forever too...
We tried to change our luck by heading out for dinner and dessert...trying to pass time before bedtime. Ending the day with a BR sundae helped turn the day around... and finally getting a cell phone I can use also helped (mine has been out of commission for 3weeks!).

Tomorrow is bound to be better. I have an interview with someone about why I love Mrs. Fields... and I think I'm getting a gift certificate out of it. That alone will make the day awesome.

Wishing everyone else a fabulous day tomorrow too! Is it bedtime yet?


J.O.E. King said...

I know that kind of day - sorry! Not having a phone does not help either - because you can't vent. Hope today is better!

Chrissie said...

Sweet! How did you score such an awesome interview opportunity? Hope it makes your day great!

Madsen Family said...

I hear you about the post-vacation let down. We're still recovering from our trip and it was three weeks ago, especially since our trip Will has refused to nap. So, you can guess how my day goes when I have no rest from my energenic child. Here's to noping for a better day for you and nap time for me!
P.S. I think that is so cool your hubby was in Vocal Point. I love Vocal Point. What a fun trip that must have been!