Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring

We did our usual Sunday photo shoot this morning... and Cate was really excited about her pink bunny!

Andrew had fun helping Caitlin with tummy time and some games this morning as well. We played Andrew vs Caitlin soccer (using racquetballs). I helped her legs kick the ball. She scored a lot of goals. He thinks she is the coolest sister ever now!

She also loved sitting in her crib staring at her mobile.

We are excited that Spring is coming... although the windy, rainy weather is making us a little skeptical that it will be arriving soon! It is so nice to have a reason to stay inside in pjs and cuddle up though, so we haven't minded too much!

We are also a little concerned because our Cadbury mini egg stash is gone... as is our emergency mini egg supply. :(

The question is... should we restock tomorrow?

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julie smith said...

Better restock that supply soon! Little things like Cadbury eggs and Mrs Fields cookies can make the difference between a good day and a GREAT one.
Our little grandaughter Caitlin is so adorable. Hurry back and visit us before she gets any bigger.
Love, mom (grandma julie)