Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crack Up at 3 Yrs

This kid cracks me up. He spent the morning explaining to our pediatrician all about bowling... and demonstrating how he does it.

First thing she said... "yeah, I'm not worried about his language development AT ALL."

His 3 year stats-

Height: 37.5 inches (last year he was 35.75)

Weight: 33 lbs (yay, he finally gained some weight... last year he was 29 lbs 13 ounces)

He finally got his MMR shot today. It was time. I never bought into the MMR/autism vaccine link, but was still nervous to do it at 18 months during prime language development time. Call me crazy, but I still think they sometimes give kids too many shots at one time and he'd missed his 15 month appointment and I didn't want him getting 5 shots in one day!! It is done now, he didn't cry for long... but I had to restrain him while the nurse gave him the shot and the betrayed look he gave me when he felt the pain was terrible. I'd even warned him that it would hurt.

The prize box with treasures for when kids get shots is genius. He was done crying right when he saw all the toys. What did he pick? A plastic ball the size of a cadbury mini-egg. It doesn't bounce or do anything... such a weird kid!

PS- Three year olds that are going to preschool eventually have to get potty trained. I'm officially starting next week. I am writing this down here so that I have to hold myself to it. I have been too lazy up till now to actually put effort into it. My pediatrician said it should be easy since he is so old. I beg to differ... we'll see how it goes.

I am motivated though because potty trained 3 year olds can go to cool summer camps... and Andrew at summer camp from 9-12 for a few weeks sounds pretty awesome.

Potty Scotty will hopefully help us out. :)

PPS- It is Dr. Seuss's birthday tomorrow... so we did several fun Dr. Seuss activities today. Check them out here.

We'll do even more tomorrow.


Liz said...

Good luck!! I can't wait to hear how the potty training goes. I'll need all the tips you have to share!

The Tolberts said...

I agree about the MMR, I"ve never bought into the link either...however I waited with Carson until three and have yet to get Brynnli''s on my to do list though because I do think it's important. Good luck with potty training, in my experience boys are easier for sure, even though everyone always says the opposite. Good luck!