Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hair today... gone tomorrow

Poor baby Cate only gets put in cute outfits probably every other day or so (if even)... and the rest of the time she lounges in PJs with me... so I usually take a photo just to prove that I did something that day (since there is a lot of other stuff around the house that has gone undone- like the huge pile of my clean clothes stuffed in my closet :))

The cutie pie is getting quite a receding hairline. With Andrew we just shaved all his hair off when things got ugly... but I think with a little girl we might just have to grin and bear it and keep sticking in cute hair clips? Cate rubs her head like she's rubbing a magic lamp and hoping a genie will pop out... so it is only a matter of time before all the hair is gone in the back too.

I got her this cute outfit at Outrageous Outgrowns a few weeks ago for $3 (brand new). I'm not going to do a post on my haul because if you see it you might agree with Kevin that I went a little overboard on girly dresses. But, as my friends said on Sunday, "It's not like she can wear the same dress two weeks in a row!" :) (or ever... I think she's set through July)... plus they agreed with me... a gazillion dresses at OO = 3 fancy dresses that I would've bought... which seems like a good deal to me. A girl can never have too many cute clothes, in my opinion. I told Kev to just get used to it. :) It is going to be a lifelong problem for as long as we have little girls. They are just too fun to dress up.

Plus, I'm living vicariously through her. We all know I wear 1/3 shirts every Sunday (that are all black!) and I just mix the skirts around... but haven't gotten a new one in forever... shopping is too painful for me because I am too picky.

I do need a fashion intervention sometime soon though...

In the meantime, little Miss Cate will be getting a lot of photo shoots and I'll be sticking to staying on the other side of the camera!

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