Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Caitlin is 14 weeks old!

The only reason I know how old Caitlin is (week-wise) is because my friend Kathren posts every week about her son, who is 1 day older than Caitlin. Today we stayed home almost the entire day (minus a run and an awesome dodgeball game at church with the youth), so I got lots of Caitlin photo time.

She woke up so happy from her morning nap! She loves to sneak her arm out and whack herself in the face... and then suck and suck on her hand!

I dressed her up in an outfit that I think she's going to grow out of soon. I thought the sweater was a little shrug and supposed to be short... but at the end of the day I noticed it was size 0-3 months... so maybe it was too small? Either way, she looked cute and I had a good laugh. I am so not a girly mom with the ability to put outfits together. If someone gives it to me as an outfit, then I know what to do... but random pieces of clothing don't get worn bc I can't figure out how to put them together! I have a hard enough time dressing myself every day.

If Cate is lying down that means she'll be trying to sit up. She doesn't relax. In the boppy she does ab workouts and tries to launch herself into a sitting position.

Good thing she was born with loads of hair. She DOES NOT like hats. I have tons. Does anyone with a less hairy kid want to borrow any? I think she looks weird with a hat on... but they might come in handy when she starts getting random bald spots. I think that stage is fast approaching.

Little miss wants to be standing or sitting... or standing or sitting... none of this lying down business unless you are giving her your full attention... and even then, if Andrew isn't around to entertain her, she needs you to be moving around, talking to her, or showing her things... she is definitely more socially aware now and likes to be involved.

Little man loves to ask to hold her or hug and kiss her throughout the day. I wish he was as gentle kissing me and Kevin as he is with her. He has a TOTALLY different personality around her and is so gentle... unless he's distracted playing soccer or something and then she's on her own to fend for her life.

Psh... that is enough loving.

She got some new little presents yesterday and loves eating them. Everything goes in her mouth at the moment and the girl is like a leaky faucet. I have never seen this much drool ever. Her clothes are always sopping wet. I need to start having her wear bibs.

Andrew begged and begged for me to take some pictures of him sitting in my rocker because he saw Caitlin getting lots of photo attention. Kevin wants to get him this shirt (You are standing near the center of attention).

He plays a little ham quite well...
and was so cooperative because he wanted pictures of himself so badly.

He has a rough life ahead when he realizes he is not the center of attention... so far having a little sis hasn't changed any of that. Now he's just her center of attention too and she loves him and LOVES staring at him.

Time to hit the sack. Caitlin actually went to bed earlier tonight (bedtime is getting moved back every week till we get it close to Andrew's bedtime)... so I need to hit the sack before she is up again! It was so nice to have an hour with just Kevin & I by ourselves tonight though.

PS- I totally said I was starting potty training this week and then got a cold and 3 nights without sleep and wimped out. Hopefully I get some energy to get started on it this weekend. Andrew knows that once he is potty trained he might get to go bowling at the new Google bowling alley (assuming Googlers can bring families)... so that is a pretty good bribe at the moment. I might have to use skeeball too. Both might ensure that we have a kid who is out of diapers soon. We'll see. I am dreading this whole process.


delikk said...

Are not all moms obsessed with weekly age emails?? Haha! Glad I could help you keep track of Caitlin's age. Happy 14 weeks!

Chrissie said...

Good luck with the potty training...I was stressed out about that too, but somehow it just clicked one day! And you did a great job with Caitlin's outfit. :) I always just threw whatever was clean on Rose. That's still my technique. :)

Liz said...

Baby Caitlin is so dang cute!!! I can't wait to see her this week.

Good luck with the potty training. I was totally stressed out with Grace, and I'm not even thinking about it with George. I did use the Potty Train in a Day method with Grace, and it worked. If you want, you can borrow our baby that pees. :)