Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birth Month Celebrations

I am a big believer in doing birthdays... and doing them BIG! Hence the idea of a birth month... versus birth-DAY. That being said, last year I went BIG with Andrew's party and about died (mostly bc I was in charge of that AND another big event on the same day. It took our house several months to recover). So we reigned it in a bit this year. I plan to do a big party every 2 or 3 years... Don't hold me to anything though.

That being said, Andrew did not lack in birthday love this year... but I just had the celebrations be a little more low key. He gave me his party list at the beginning of January and I spent a month trying to figure out how to do a low key, low stress party with 15-16 kids and a newborn and I decided it was not possible... so I broke the birthday love into a few small parties. We basically partied ALL MONTH LONG.

We did a little partying at Super Franks with a friend or two

I love this pic of Kate posing with her soda :)

Ate lots of hot dogs

We also partied at the park with some pizza and playgroup friends

And imaginary candles (the weather was cold and blustery... so the candles didn't light)

Caitlin mostly slept through all the celebrating

The kids got very sandy at the park party and seemed to have fun... even though I felt like a lame-o exhausted non-fun mom because I didn't plan any super fun crazy games or bake anything.

Andrew picked out the cupcakes from the bakery because I was too lazy to bake anything for his park party. He didn't care, so I shouldn't care... but I did. Mine would've tasted better, but would've looked worse.

The friends gifted him with cute homemade cards and a few presents. He LOVES cards and carried them around all day.

On Saturday we threw a neighborhood birthday party for Kevin & Andrew (mostly for Andrew...) and had fun chatting with our awesome neighbors, playing Kinect bowling, eating pizza and treats, and just hanging out.

I made Kevin's favorite cake (lemon bundt cakes with rainbow chip frosting)

and mint brownies, since not everyone shares his love of lemon

I was impressed Andrew shared the Kinect bowling. The kids were crazy and hyper all evening and kept the adults entertained. :)

Darya doing her happy dance after getting a strike!

Cute Avery & Kendall watching bowling with their dad.
They had THE most adorable matching dresses on!

The kids went to town on the cupcakes and Andrew kept the evening interesting by smearing his everywhere... it was like his 1st birthday all over again :)

He absolutely loved the fun games and toys he got, but mostly he just loved having his friends over to play bowling with him. :)

We ended the partying this week with one last trip to Super Franks. The birth month is now officially over. We lived it up and partied hard... for almost 4 hours. Andrew and the ball room worker are now BFF... and Andrew can consistently make baskets in this tall hoop.

Caitlin had fun chillin with Peter while the other kids ran around and left the moms to have some peaceful chatting time.

Andrew's only demand was that everyone have hot dogs with him...

and do a little bouncing together

He got THE CUTEST bowling bday shirt from George & Grace (and Liz). He changed into it right away.

We ended his birthday celebrations with a little Mom vs Andrew skeeball and air hockey.

Then the birthday boy went home to have a little birthday tantrum... after all, how can a birthday boy take a nap when he is wearing a bowling shirt? He screamed and screamed as I put him down for his nap that he HAD to playing Kinect bowling because HE WAS WEARING HIS BOWLING SHIRT!!

Gotta love that stubborn kid of mine! Guess who won and has a sleeping exhausted partied out toddler upstairs??!!

Happy birth month Andrew! We LOVE you and are so excited that you are 3!!

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Liz said...

Thank you for letting us be a part of the month long birthday celebration.

I'm totally laughing at Andrew screaming about needing to bowl because he had his bowling shirt on. I'd say sorry, but I'm so glad he likes the shirt!

Happy Birthday Andrew!!