Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Nothing that interesting happened this weekend... unless you count me practically eating a 1/2 a pan of scotcheroos exciting. :)

I spent a lot of time hiding in our bedroom editing video for a church event while Kevin wrestled the little people downstairs.

Caitlin of course took the opportunity to roll over for the first time while I was upstairs.

One time was a cheater roll (Kevin positioned her arms so it was easier for her), but 2 times were legit... and I missed them all.

We're hoping she starts rolling soon so she starts burning some calories... my arm practically fell off today when I was holding her. One girl at church said, "Whoa... is that the same baby?"

She is the belle of the ball at church though and the girls all think she should be a chunky Gerber baby model. :) She is one of two babies right now... so she had about six young women vying for her attention this afternoon and taking turns keeping her happy and entertained.

Our family is also trying to set a record for how many nights in a row we can have pizza for dinner.

The excitement never stops over here people ;)

Happy Weekend! Here's to hoping yours was a little more eventful.

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