Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sweet Sixteen of a Saturday!

I sorted through Andrew's baby clothes this afternoon and found several BYU shirts from when he was Caitlin's age. We decked her out just in time for the BYU vs Gonzaga game... but had to add a few pink accents. :)

She wouldn't take her eyes off the game to give me a smile

This was the best that I could get... before she went back to staring at the TV.

She stayed pretty happy, until Jimmer missed a 3 point shot.

I would've gotten some pics of Andrew, but he was more intrigued by his bowling game than the basketball game today...

That is... until I started taking mommy & Caitlin photos... and then he had to push his way in to join in the fun :)

I love this boy more every day... but today I thought he was extra adorable because he just kept kissing and hugging Caitlin and making her smile

What a sweet little brother! She gets more kisses and hugs at bedtime than I do now!

After a few shots, he got bored and went back to bowling... and I got my mommy & Caitlin shot.

I also got a photo of my favorite new accessory... can you see my new necklace behind Caitlin's head? I love it! It is about time I jazzed up my boring outfits a bit. I earned it for successfully helping Kevin have an awesome shopping trip today with both kiddos in tow. He got lots of new birthday shirts at Banana and I got a necklace and a cookie. A great trade. :)

So not only was the BYU game great (the Cougars are going to the Sweet Sixteen!), but the rest of the day was fabulous too.

And this little gift came in the mail for Caitlin this afternoon. My friend Etta has some great taste. I think Cate might need to wear this when we go to some of Elise's lacrosse games next month.

Thanks Etta!

Happy Saturday!! Hope you all had a great one too! Go Cougars!


The Mostess said...

That would be the only "princess" shirt B would ever wear.

I love C's cheeks. She is SO adorable!!

E J said...

I was going to warn you that was coming in the mail - ever since I knew you were having a girl I knew I needed to get that for her - sorry it took so long for me to get it to you!

PS - She looks too cute in that BYU jersey!

Amy said...

You really should start feeding Caitlin. It's not right to starve her the way you do. ;)