Thursday, March 31, 2011

Light it up

In honor of Autism Awareness month in April and World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, I have been working on making some blue t-shirts for Andrew and Caitlin to wear this weekend using freezer paper.

Light it Up Blue is a campaign to raise autism awareness and several prominent buildings in the US will be decked out in blue lights. I decided to deck out the Gold Gate bridge in blue... since we live in the Bay area... (and no I didn't make a mistake, I like the sponge painted look... it looks like a blueish fog)

Andrew's version of the shirt will be a little different... and is still in progress, because I'm going to have him help me finish it.

We'll post it, along with some of my blogging partner Etta's creations, on my Toddler Blog possibly later this weekend.

I was pretty proud of my first attempt at freezer paper stenciling... and since paint is more my medium than fabric... I will probably be doing more of this in the future since I like it way better than sewing things onto onsies!

(If you haven't ever done freezer paper stenciling, definitely check out these sites here and here for good advice and ideas)


Liz said...

Now I want to try it! Very cute!

Kathy said...

What IS freezer paper painting? You are waaaay more talented than me!