Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Caitlin at 3 Months!

Caitlin is our chunky monkey :) and has very kissable cheeks

She loves playing with anyone who pays attention to her, but saves her most special smiles for her mom. I wish I could capture the looks she gives me on camera. They just melt my heart.

She can grab things if you put them in her hand

She'll play by herself on the mat independently for about 5 minutes... especially if her mirror friend plays with her :)

She loves looking out the window and out the top of the stroller on our daily jog.

If she is awake, she is moving some part of her body. She does not like to stay still.

She loves girl talk time with mom.
We have the best chats in the evening after Andrew goes to bed.
I love how she looks at me and sighs as if to say, "I adore you mom!" I'm cherishing every moment now so that I can look back on this when she's a teenager and possibly doesn't feel the same way? :)

She cries if she is having fun doing something and you move her... especially if she was having fun chatting. She is definitely a social little girl.

She doesn't like lying on her back and likes either standing or sitting... or likes to be propped up... and has to be where the action is. She does her own abs of steel crunch workout if you lie her down and I wouldn't be surprised some day soon to discover her sitting up.

Andrew is the perfect brother for her since life is never dull around here and he makes sure there is always something going on... she is in constant fear for her life with bowling balls and toys whizzing by. I am amazed he hasn't hit her with something yet (other than a tennis ball when she was 3 weeks old... we'll know who to blame for any future learning challenges :)).

I also love that Cate can be distracted when she is sad/grumpy/hungry by talking to her... at least if you are looking at her... in the car it is completely different story.

She's getting better at lifting her head up... but to be honest, I forget about doing tummy time and exercises with her most days because sometimes she just isn't a presence... she is just my happy little sidekick, looking around, cooing, smiling, observing, and talking... not making a fuss.

Considering we haven't really adapted our schedule much to accommodate her, Cate is pretty easy going so far. Hopefully that continues.

She is on a pretty regular schedule of eating every 2-3 hours and then napping in 1-2 hour chunks. Her longest nap is usually when Andrew has his nap, which is perfect. She still isn't a huge fan of taking a bottle, so I usually am not gone long if I go out. I love having her as my little buddy, so I don't mind too much... most of the time.

My favorite new development is Caitlin's screech that she does from time to time. She is a very loud little girl. She also drools ALL. THE. TIME. Buckets of drool... it is so gross!

I am still loving her sleep habits. I don't know what is typical for a 3 month old, but in the evenings she sleeps from 7-8:30, 9:30-10:15ish, and then 10:30/11- 5 or 6am... and then usually wakes up for the day around 9am. I like having a 5-6 hour consolidated stretch of sleep at night. If I could get myself to go to bed at 10:30 (instead of midnight) I'd probably be even happier since I could get 7-8 hours of continuous sleep.

She seems to love sleeping in her room and staring at her mobile

She even can be put down awake (but sleepy) most of the time and will fall asleep just staring at the mobile

I also love rocking her and cuddling her in my glider... it is so much less exhausting than walking around and bouncing her... especially since she is so heavy!

Lastly, I love playing dress up with this little cutie. It is so much easier to make her look cute than make myself look good... so I wear lots of yoga pants and sweatshirts and she wears stylin outfits (the one from the above photo shoot is another outfit from Paris that she is going to grow out of in like a day :)).

She is already wearing size 3-6 and 6 month clothes and could be wearing bigger diapers than size 2... but we have so many that we haven't moved her to size 2/3 yet. My goal for this week is to snap a picture of her in most of the cute outfits we have since she is plowing through them so quickly that some she barely wears more than once!

We love this cutie and can't believe how quickly the months are flying by! I especially love how Andrew will stop what he is doing at the park to come and give Caitlin a kiss and tell her that he loves her. She just fits into our family perfectly.

Happy 3 Months Caitlin!!


E J said...

She is so cute! I can't believe how much hair she has at 3 months - I seriously think it's more than O had at 3 years!

Tim and Jennifer said...

I can't believe she is already 3 months! She is a cutie. I just love that hair.

jocie said...

She is such a doll-baby.

Anna and Kevin Nielsen said...

She is too cute!I love that "I am a child of God" picture on the wall! Where did you get that?

Lopez Family said...

i love her outfits and she has the cutest chubbiest cheeks. and her room is so pinkalicious. love it.