Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bring on...

- Preschool!

I finally figured out where Andrew is going to preschool next year... so now I've moved on to making sure he has a great place to go for PreK. We spent the morning observing a PreK program and Andrew got to participate for almost 2 1/2 hours. Man! I am exhausted... and I wasn't the one doing any work!

We learned about dinosaurs and did a few projects. We also got to be part of circle time. For the dino project below, all the kids cut out all their own dino bones (Andrew's were pre-cut bc he's not as old and not a proficient cutter yet) and then they glued them on. I think Andrew takes after his mom & dad with a little OCDness... his were almost perfectly placed. :)

He also got to paint dinosaur imprints and dig for dinosaur fossils outside... in addition to observing a lot of reading work, reading stories, and singing songs. Andrew held it together for almost the entire 2 1/2 hours which was also impressive... bc the class required a lot of sitting and paying attention. He and his friend who we went and observed with were getting pretty squirmy by the end, but did pretty well considering all the other kids will be in kindergarten next year. I think we might have preK for 2012 picked out already as well. Yay!

- Easter!!

I hung out with these crazies last night and we made...

these cute newborn hats for Oakland Children's Hospital and Alta Bates. Wish I was having an Easter baby! We just couldn't stop saying, "they are so cute!" We're finishing almost 200 of them this week so that the newborns can wear them all April long. :)

We rewarded the crazy girls with a trip to Cold Stone after all their hard work :)

- Spring!

It is in the high 70s/low 80s here today... so we whipped out our shorts and skirts and polos. Wahoo!!

Baby Cate's sandals with little flowers on them are so darling... and I love her little chubby legs and arms!

So glad for once that I bought Andrew's new Spring/summer clothes before the heat started... so we actually had clothes in his size for him to wear. We're heading to Arizona in a week or two, so I figured we needed to get stocked up on madras shorts and polos. Wish I'd snapped a picture of Andrew in his new shorts before he painted on his outfit and dropped lunch on it! Ah, such is the life with a 3 year old boy!

We are excited to bring on preschool, spring, and Easter... but not excited to bring on growing up! I want my kiddos to stay this age forever. Yesterday some super mean boys threw rocks at Andrew, called him a girl, and when they threw rocks, he fell down and bit his tongue hard. He won't eat anything today and is really emotional. I am giving him tylenol round the clock. Poor little guy can be really sensitive and just didn't understand why the big kids were so mean when he didn't do anything to them. I am NOT excited for what lies ahead as he starts going to school and encountering means kids (and hopefully not turning into one!).

Now, let's bring on my break! Two kiddos are sleeping and it's time for some Cadbury mini eggs a little diet coke :)


Jess said...

who are these boys throwing rocks at my Andrew!? I'll be them up! That makes me so sad, poor little guy :(.

julie smith said...

So sad. Bullies!!! Lots of popsicles will help. Can't wait to see all of you in Arizona next weekend.