Friday, March 25, 2011

Sorry fans

We made it home for the end of the BYU game on Thursday and Cate got decked out too late to save the Cougars.

But not too late for a photo shoot with Andrew :) It was just going to be her... but he hijacked her photo shoot. He's grown out of all of his BYU gear though... so we'll have to stock up on our trip to Utah in a few weeks.

This is how we felt about the results of the game... especially me, since my March Madness bracket is now toast.

Duke lost on Thursday too :( There is no way I can win our ESPN bracket pool now. I may still beat Kevin though... and that is my goal every year... and I think it happens every time. He takes all this time to make his picks, I take 5-10 minutes, and I win. Hopefully that's how it plays out again this year. :)


The Mostess said...

Even C knows Jimmer sucks! ;)

Jenni said...

You gotta love March Madness. Duke was Jared's champion pick. I didn't mind when they got beat because I figured I would beat Jared's bracket. I was horrified when Ohio State (my pick) then got beat. Oh well. I still won!