Monday, March 14, 2011

My cute rocker

I can chat with this little girl all day long

She loves to talk while she is eating

I love her little smiles and how she puts all of her fingers in her mouth

I think she gets more adorable every day

Sometimes I don't want to leave our house because driving around running errands means I can't see her cute little face and I'll miss her awake time.

I have tons of other things to post about... but these pictures totally make me happy and today was a really happy day, so I had to post them.

More posts about Andrew's bday celebrations and Kevin's bday to come... probably tomorrow. We shopped, played, and ate till we dropped today. I am exhausted. Let's hope everyone sleeps in! (ha! fat chance)


super awesome kt said...

Love the pictures! She is getting so cute! Can't wait to meet her.

Liz said...

She is so dang cute!!