Friday, March 25, 2011

Hands off!

You know you've been stuck inside for too long when you almost take out a 10 year old at the bowling alley.

This is Kevin smiling. He tried to keep me calm, but hey, the only excitement we've had all week has to do with potty training... so I needed some drama.

The pictures below are of bowling. Again. If I could get $1 for each time I've set up bowling pins this week I would be a millionaire. Not kidding. Anyways, little dude earned a trip to the bowling alley for some potty training success. I won't be documenting much about potty training here on the blog other than to say that our home is a war zone. ;) Nothing is sacred any more. Everything is a positive reinforcer and everything is earned. I love the method we are using. It is very positive and little dude is very proud of himself. It is also exhausting.

Back to the bowling alley.
Friday afternoon is laser bowling. Today we got seated next to a b-day party of 10 yr old boys.

Remind me never to have a bowling party when Andrew is 10... at least if he has hyperactive friends.

This is Andrew's special bowling ball. Size 6. Perfect for the little dude. Specially given to him by the front desk for HIM.

Notice large boy in the background in the blue shirt.

His goal of the afternoon was to steal Andrew's ball. Purposely? Not sure. I told him at least 5 times to leave Andrew's ball alone and go find a big kid ball. After me saying that at least 5 times, he still said to Kevin, "Can I have my ball back now?"


I told his mom to tell the kid to leave Andrew's ball alone. She did and apologized.

Little beady eyes watched me every time Andrew's ball came up the ball ramp and would wait till I wasn't looking to TAKE Andrew's ball. Sometimes he even took it while I was watching him and then acted so clueless when we asked for it back. C'mon kid. Seriously?

Andrew started bringing his ball back to his seat with him. I'm not crazy and I don't have anything against sharing... but the kid would take Andrew's ball and go all over and not bring it back... so I encouraged the hoarding. If you ask Kevin he might actually say it was my idea :)

I finally pulled the kid aside in front of his friends (after an hour of being annoyed) and told him to leave Andrew's ball alone and that it was a baby ball. He should be using a big kid ball. That ended it. He didn't want his friends to think he was a baby.

Meanwhile this little one slept and slept... and I fumed.

I thought it was hysterical that I got so annoyed by this kid. Ugh! Kevin thought it was even more funny.

Let's call it pent up potty training aggression. I can't take it out on Andrew... so this bowling alley kid got the brunt of it.

I was definitely celebrating with the birthday boy when all the 10 yr olds stopped bowling and went off for cake and ice cream.

TGIF! I think I might need a day off tomorrow!


Chrissie said...

Ugh--I would be so mad at that kid, too! I hate it when big kids think they're equals to little kids or take advantage of them. And I'm sure potty training stress exacerbated the matter. That can be tough work!

Stephanie said...

I would have done all of the above, also! Good for you.

The Mostess said...

I would have freaked out at that lame little kid. You were a lot nicer than I would have been!