Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin!

My handsome better half had a birthday yesterday. We devoted the entire afternoon/evening to doing things that he loved.

We started off with a yummy family lunch at Google- which included Jessie, Uncle Gregg & Justin (visiting from AZ), and our little family. Andrew let us chat while stuffing his face with a special Google branded Its-Its ice cream sandwich.

After the work day ended, we headed to Kev's favorite bakery- Specialty's Bakery. They used to only have stores in SF... but now they've infiltrated the South Bay. He was in heaven.

What a handsome father of two crazies!

This little cutie is smitten with her daddio

Cookies were our great dinner appetizer...

and then we headed off for an evening of shopping- per Kev's request... mostly we just browsed and we'll be having a shopping date on Saturday (without Andrew) to finish up some purchases!

Next stop was one of Kevin's favorite restaurants- Cheesecake Factory. We all shared a meal so that we would have room for DESSERT! (The most important meal of the day, right?)

Andrew & I serenaded him with "Happy Birthday" before he dug in to his b-day treat.

We ended the night with some shoe shopping and finally made it home exhausted around 10pm! The kiddos went right to sleep and we watched an episode of LOST (Kev's current favorite show), before we crashed ourselves.

This weekend will hopefully include some more bday shopping, a trip to Kevin's favorite restaurant in SF (Osha Thai), and the beginning of some bday projects! Kevin's main birthday gift is a garage MAKEOVER and new doorknobs for our entire house (goodbye gold outdated bulby knobs!)! Oh how life gets so fun when you are a grown up! ;) It was the highlight of last weekend for him to finally get to buy the doorknobs that he wanted. I love my handy husband!

He is also loving getting price quotes for the garage. It will include new stylin flooring and cabinets/drawers/hooks so that it no longer looks just like a dump where we store both cars.

I'll post before/after photos once we are done!

Happy Birthday to super dad and my best friend! I'm looking forward to another awesome year with you!

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