Monday, February 28, 2011

Penguin Race Mondays

The highlight of Mondays is a little playgroup that I helped organize. The kids are cute and play decently well together... and keep little Cate entertained as well.

I also love trying out new games and projects with the kids. Some days (like today), I'm not as creative (we made an ok name project that I tweaked later)... but we had a room full of balloons and tons of new Thomas trains, so I didn't need to be.

The best part of today was snack time. We had a small group and only boys... and they all wanted to play the Penguin Race while they ate snack. I am AMAZED at how boys are so enthralled just WATCHING the Penguin Race again and again. It continues to be the best toy ever!

Now I just wish they sold extra penguins...

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