Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I can't see it Mom!

Thursday morning we drove out to Irvine Regional Park to go to the Orange County Zoo. The zoo probably wasn't even worth the $2 we spent to get in. The statement I made the most was, "Can you see _______? It is hiding way over there and you can barely see it." :)

This British zoo worker was the highlight of the trip. She let Andrew pet the snake and talked to him for awhile. Thank goodness! The kid needs a mute button :) or an imaginary friend. I can only talk so much.

Fortunately the Irvine Park Railroad was also in the park.

Little dude loved the ride.

It knocked Caitlin out immediately

We also ate lunch and ice cream and then headed to Target to buy Andrew a new swimsuit (and get me large bags of Cadbury mini-eggs- hooray!). We actually probably spent more time in car feeding Caitlin than we did at the park. Good thing Andrew has become quite the car potato with our new dvd system ;)

Once Kevin got home we had a date with the swimming pool!!! I lounged in a chair reading The Hunger Games... because let's be honest, I can't compete with this...

When Caitlin woke up from her nap she got to take a little dip in the pool too.

She liked the lounging and magazine reading a little bit better than the pool.

"Can I get a diet coke please?"

Cute Caitlin outfit courtesy of my awesome Aunt Laurel- Carters 6 month outfit... fits like a charm at 2.5 months :)

After swimming we went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe at South Coast Plaza. Yum! The balloon man made Andrew a fishing line and fish. Kept him occupied the rest of dinner.

We had to order the volcano for dessert as well. Andrew competed with Kevin and I to see who could eat the most ice cream.

Caitlin didn't want to be left out either ;)

Another successful day of vacation :)
I could totally be a professional vacationer.
I just don't think my budget or diet could handle it.


Allen Fam said...

I am married to Kevin's college roommate Jeff. You and I have never met, but I have been blog-stalking you guys for a few years. I have decided that you must be the funnest person ever. We are going to have to come visit you and meet you sometime.

I love all of your crafts at Toddler Approved, and so do my kiddos! Keep blogging!


Kevin and Kristina said...

Thanks Emily. You are too cute! Looking forward to meeting at some point!

Liz said...

Your Newport trip looks like it was tons of fun. And Baby Caitlin is seriously the best baby ever!!! It sounds like she did so well.