Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretend City

On Wednesday after our morning run and Caitlin's nap...

(we brought basically every baby item from our house- the fan + swing = good naps for Cate)

we headed to Pretend City in Irvine

It is seriously the CUTEST PLACE EVER. I wish we had one in the Bay area. It is cleaner and more fun than any of the children's museums we have around here. Caitlin and I just followed Andrew around.

Andrew was obsessed with this tractor. He didn't let it out of his sight for the first hour... just rode around, explored, and was prepared to fight to the death should anyone try and take it.

Next stop was a trip to the little house for some tv watching...

and taking care of some business :)

Then he turned into Handy Manny for a bit...

and then took off for another ride

to pretend to be Fireman Sam

Then it was off to the farm for some carrot bowling and checking out the hatching (real) baby chicks. The workers thought he was such a cute farmer and one kept trying to brainwash him saying "carrots are REALLY good for you and so yummy, don't you think?" To which he replied, "I'm bowling."

He needed some cash too...

so that he could stock up on some much needed groceries

and then he was the cashier when I went shopping

He also got completely soaked in the water area (and super mom ;) didn't bring him a change of clothes so he looked like white trash the rest of the day)

He also went to the doctor's office for a little check up

We had so much fun that we spent hours at Pretend City. When we tried to leave it was like the fates were telling us we shouldn't... I buckled the kids in the car and then LOST the car keys. For 20 minutes I was looking for them (cue screaming kids... including a toddler who desperately needed a nap!). Good times. Especially because I was worried somehow I'd lock the kids in the car, so I kept one door open... so everyone in the parking lot could hear the crazies.

I finally found the keys right under Caitlin's blanket.

Next we headed to see the Giant Balloon at the Orange County Great Park.

The officers at the gate informed us that the park was only open Thurs-Sunday (It was Wednesday). Of course that was the only place I hadn't checked days/times of when it was open. Cue screaming toddler several decibels higher than before and even more overtired... which then woke up the baby... cue more screaming. Fortunately I get enough sleep to not take anything too seriously as the screaming got louder and louder. I had a good laugh, turned the music up louder, grabbed some chocolate and kept driving... heading to my mecca of happiness... the mall :)

Everyone is happier at the mall.

We went to South Coast Plaza and rode the carousel, window shopped, threw money in the fountains, and got Mrs. Fields.

And yes, we did have dinner first... and dinner wasn't Mrs. Fields (at least for the kiddos) :)

We ended the night by exploring Rainforest Cafe's animals and running around the mall some more.

Then we went back to the hotel and crashed around 8:30pm.

Meanwhile Kevin was on a boat cruise with his Google peeps around the coast... so we didn't see him until really late. Lucky duck! Although I kinda liked my day with the crazies, so I wasn't too jealous. Just sad that Kevin had to miss out on all the fun.

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