Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hubba Hubba

I'm a chubba

Andrew didn't want to be left out from the Sunday morning bathtime photos. Mom & Dad tried convincing him that if he rubbed my Buddha belly he'd magically get some candy. He was skeptical.

I wasn't a fan of the mohawk daddy gave me.

Things were much more peaceful after church... especially since I got to go to Young Womens AND sleep for three hours while the teenage girls oohhed and aahhed over my spiky soft hair.

I know, I'm adorable

And yes, I'm trying to watch the Super Bowl out of the corner of my eye

Check out my stylin Super Bowl hair
Daddy's trying to grow a beard like Brett Keisel for his beard-off
Mom's not a fan.

Andrew serenaded me during dinner. He'll do anything to get out of eating. I've never heard of someone throwing a tantrum about eating pizza... but I sure liked the guitars and violin song.

Mom says if I keep growing this fast she'll be able to file for disability and we'll get an even better parking spot at the mall by Mrs. Fields. She also says wearing a wrist brace is a joke.

But she did enjoy the trip to CVS to buy it since she bought out the Cadbury mini eggs aisle. Self-medication via Cadbury will totally make everything better.

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Emily and Danny said...

Do you have wrist problems too? I have terrible wrist pain from holding James. Been to the rheumatologist several times and even got a cordizone shot. It is worth the pain to get the shot. Sorry! Hope the brace helps. I need to wear mine more!